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Mini Libraries Are Here!

The local Round Rock Noon Lions Club has donated mini-libraries to RRHA. Books are available for free, and residents can either donate books or take books. We encourage everyone to visit soon! Thank you again to the Lions Club and Dr. Perkins, RRHA Commissioner who helped facilitate this.

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Our maintenance crew is working hard to finish apartment vacancies. RRHA is working on downsizing families to the appropriate size units, so we can house more families from the waiting list!

Rent Moratorium Has Ended

RRHA has been working with residents to help them obtain rental assistance as needed. However, some of our residents have not taken advantage of the rent resources in the community. Unfortunately, those residents who do not pay their rent before the end of the moratorium (7-31-21) will be liable for the full amount or may face eviction. We encourage anyone owing monies to address the issue immediately. Here are some resources available:

Round Rock Area Serving Center - 512-244-2431

The Salvation Army - 512-943-8421

The Caring Place - 512-943-0700

Georgetown, Andice, Bartlett, Florence, Granger, Jarrell, Jonah, Schwertner, Walburg, Weir, Hutto areas within Georgetown ISD.

Texas Rent Relief information can be found here

RRHA is not affiliated with The Service Center, Salvation Army, Caring Place, or Texas Rent Relief in any way.

Landlords Needed!!

Round Rock Housing Authority (RRHA) currently assists approximately 215 families with rental assistant.  These families rent from local landlords, and RRHA subsidizes the rent from them.  Currently RRHA pays out approximately $2M in subsidies annually.  Rents are deposited directly into your bank account each month!

Maximum Rents Paid at This Time

                      Eff.                  1 Bedroom     2 Bedrooms    3 Bedrooms    4 Bedrooms        5 Bedrooms

2021    $1,059.00        $1,212.00        $1,434.00        $1,848.00        $2,207.00            $2,538.00


For more information call the Round Rock Housing Authority at 512-255-1336 or email

Thank You to Our Volunteers!

Round Rock Women’s Club has been providing lunches for Cushing residents for over 20 years. They took a short break during COVID but will be back soon. We greatly appreciate the generosity and kindness of these wonderful ladies for all they do!

Children of The King Relocates

Children of the King have left Westwood and relocated to their own facility at Oasis Community Center. They held activities for local children at Westwood for six years and we want to thank them for all their work and dedication. We wish them well in their new home!

Thank You to Celebration Church!

Celebration Church has been one of our supporters for the past several years. They have provided meals for residents and helped with landscaping. We want to thank them for all their help. We greatly appreciate them!